Murder Mystery Night

Friday 7th June 2019

£39 per person

Join us to solve the murder… Cocktail on arrival, three course dinner with coffee, local fudge and disco until 1am!


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  • Include an overnight stay with breakfast £195 per room based on two people sharing.
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Please book in advance calling 01934 83 43 43 (option 1) between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or email


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Friday 7th June 2019

Who Killed Katie Crewe?
The 1960’s, a time of the Beatles, Footballing success and the Cold War. Crewe’s Carnival rides was the most successful travelling funfair in the South of England. But in amongst the glittering light of the Dodgems, the Waltzers and the sideshows there was much unrest, much evil.
There was the romantic interest of at least one young man…..Who loved Katie Crewe?
There was the jealousy of some…..Who envied Katie Crewe?
There was the arguments from  inside the family ….….Who hated Katie Crewe? 
There was fierce competition from rival operators….Who tricked Katie Crewe? 
There was a culmination of many things yet unsolved……WHO KILLED KATIE CREWE
Friday 2nd August 2019
Jesty’s Jewels
The story so far….
The year is 1937.  A group of people have been invited to attend an inquiry into the death of the Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Hezekiah Jesty.  Apparently none of the Guests have any idea why they have been asked to attend, it transpires however that they do have one thing in common and that is that they all knew Mr Jesty on a personal basis although they are all from very different walks of life.
The Police had received a letter from the deceased mans Solicitor stating that if there were any suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, then the Police should look no further than these seven individuals for the Murderer.  The letter gave no further clue as to which it might be but merely finished with the statement “look to these jewels the secret lies within them”.
One final request in the letter was that a number of notable members of the Public should also be asked to attend and give assistance to the Police in their investigations.
The invited guests have now all arrived and the inquiry may now commence.  
For some, the next few hours would be very tense indeed with a whole multitude of revelations unfolding.
For others, the next few hours would be all that they have left!
Friday 8th November 2019
The Mad Hatter's Party
The story so far..
1937. Once again the very best, the crème de la crème, the upper echelon of modern society have gathered to witness and pay tribute to the art of the Hatmaker. But this year things are going to be very different. Oh the pomp and ceremony will be there, but there will also be a more subtle presence. Something that will be almost indiscernible, almost…ghostlike.
But it will be there all the same and as it weaves it’s evil around the assembled throng, there will be many that will not survive the encounter.
Oh no, this will not be a moment in time that people will try to remember. Rather more that the survivors will spend the rest of their lives trying to forget!