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Remote working checks in at Cadbury House

Cadbury House promotes a change of scenery for remote workers to boost productivity and well-being. General Manager Gareth Ireland highlights the benefits of varied environments, encouraging individuals to utilize the venue’s diverse spaces for a stimulating and effective workday.

The team at Cadbury House is encouraging more people who work from home to consider a change of scene every now and then in order to improve productivity and motivation.

During the pandemic, the majority of people (and businesses) managed to carry on working from home and seeing how effective it was in terms of getting the job done, continued to appeal to many once restrictions were lifted.

But staying in the same place constantly isn’t necessarily good for the mind or body and is why the boss of the four-star venue is suggesting anyone who works mainly from home gets out and about and uses space that provides a new perspective on the working day.

Gareth Ireland, general manager at Cadbury House said: “The pandemic certainly altered the way we looked at how we work and interact. As a result, many people have continued to work from home, enjoying the work / life balance it brings.

“However, having a change of scene is, I believe, really important especially from a creative point of view as well as boosting mood and motivation.

“I often ask colleagues and friends when was the last time they left their home office to go and work elsewhere? And a surprisingly high proportion said never!

“I have an office at Cadbury House but make a conscious effort to work all over the building. I find it stimulating and really helps me keep on top of my workload.”

Gareth’s sentiments are well founded with many experts documenting the benefits of a change in scene.

With the brain needing stimulation to function at its full capacity, changing environment helps to get the creative juices flowing. And changing scene also helps eliminate any unhealthy or distracting habits so when for example, the washing machine finishes, you’re not there to get up to empty it.

Gareth added: “We have lots of amazing spaces here at Cadbury House, whether it’s The Living Room or outside in the grounds; all are conducive to a productive working day and anyone can use the space.

“We like to think that we’re leading the way in the local hospitality and lifestyle scene. The mixture of space is perfect for those looking for somewhere different to work and is the perfect solution for those whose jobs mean they can work remotely.”

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